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In this destination article, we will tell you step by step about the most popular tourist attractions in Washington, DC. Washington, DC, has some of the most unique and appealing places, making it one of the most visited and exciting tourist destinations. Washington, DC was established on July 16, 1970. It was surrounded by the Constitution of the United States of America because it served as the nation�s capital. The State of Maryland borders the District of Columbia on the north, east, and west, and the State of Virginia borders the district on the southern shoreline of the Potomac Rivers. The Washington DC is a marvellous city, one with numerous personalities.

The Lincoln Memorial

The construction of the Lincoln Memorial lasted 60 years. The Lincoln Memorial recognises the 16th president of the United States, who is widely regarded as its greatest leader, and upholds his belief in the inherent worth and freedom of every individual. The nation's citizens can visit the Lincoln Memorial the nearest. The Lincoln Memorial Committee chose Daniel Chester French in 1914 to form the Lincoln Memorial Committee and sculpt a statue of Abraham Lincoln as a component of the memorial that Henry Bacon (1866 1924) would design. You should at least make one trip to the Memorial because it is such an inspiring location.

National Air and space Museum

Are you aware that the National Air and Space Museum receives the most visitors worldwide tourist every year The National Air and Space Museum of the Smithsonian Institution is home to one of the most spectacular collections of aviation and space objects in the whole world, including all facets of human flight as well as associated works of art and archive material. It comes with two iconic buildings that collectively draw more than 8 million people a year. Additionally, it serves as the Centre for Earth and Planetary Studies' centre. People that enjoy displaying science and space will encourage you to go here. If you go, make sure to touch the moon rock that is on display.

The White House

The White House serves as the president of the United States' main residence.  James Hoban started building the White House gradually in 1792; after being destroyed by British soldiers in 1814, it was reconstructed in 1818. George Washington is the only president to have lived in it. The free White House visitors centre is close by and contains wonderful inter-racial exhibitions that briefly depict the White House and the Presidential families. It is furnished with the former president's vintage furniture.

The most unique facts about Washington DC

Several volcanoes, including Mount Rainer, Mount St. Helens, Mount Baker, Glacier Peak, and Mount Adams, can be found in and around Washington, D.C. The Cascade Range, which stretches from Northern California to British Columbia, includes those volcanoes. 

The Washington Monuments 

Among American cities, the Washington Monument is the most distinctive and significant location. The idea for this monument was approved by the congress in 1783, but construction didn't begin until 1848. Its 555-foot white shaft is a well-known landmark of the national mall and a stunning sight.

Let's get this very well understood.  Twenty thousand people attended the ceremony in 1848, and a box containing copies of the constitution, the declaration of independence, and other items was buried in the cornerstone. 

Best time to explore Washington DC.

July to September is the best place to visit 

Airport in Washington

  • Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport
  • College Park Airport
  • Stafford Regional Airport
  • Baltimore/Washington International Airport
  • Dulles International Airport 

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